The App Growth Show: S2 E3 RevenueCat

Season 2: Episode 3: How to Boost In-App Purchases with RevenueCat

Hey, App Growth Community! Welcome back to the App Growth Show, where we host mobile experts to provide valuable and actionable insights on how you can grow your app. No matter where you are in your app growth journey, we are able to help you achieve your mobile growth goals.

Today we are thrilled to be joined by David Barnard. David is about as seasoned as you can get within the app space and we are truly blessed to be joined by him. David has been building apps for the iPhone dating way back to 2008, which was the year the iOS apps were officially launched. So he truly has been involved since the beginning to this day. Along with his passion for building apps, David also contributes as a developer advocate to the industry-leading monetization tool RevenueCat. RevenueCat is used by the world’s leading apps to build, analyze and grow subscriptions on iOS, android and the web. Get ready to learn all about subscription-based apps and numerous techniques to increase app purchases from a seasoned app veteran.

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