How we Grow your Brand

Subscription Revenue Optimization (SRO)

Master the complexities of the subscription business model, unlocking sustainable revenue growth and cultivating long-term user loyalty

We begin by examining your current subscription model with a fine-toothed comb. Our expert audit will lay the foundation for identifying areas in need of improvement and formulating strategies to optimize performance throughout the entire subscription journey.

Our Subscription Revenue Optimization services are second to none, including:

  • Tackling churn
  • Optimizing your paywall
  • Focusing on crucial retention milestones (day 1, 7, 14 and beyond)
  • Customizing your approach with tailored segmentation

  • Mapping out the lifecycle journey and crafting persuasive messaging
  • Enhancing performance across all devices (SMS, push, email)
  • Crafting captivating copy for your campaigns and channels
  • Boosting your monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

  • Using predictive modeling for forecasting

  • Analyzing data for maximum impact

Every subscription app is unique, and our team of specialists will tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and focus on the stages of the lifecycle journey that require the most attention. Trust us, we’ve got this.


Success Story

Subscription Revenue
Optimization for ThinkUp

ThinkUp is a subscription affirmations and motivation
app that offers 300+ affirmations for 10+ life goals. Users select affirmation from updated lists curated by mental health experts or use them as inspiration to create personalized affirmation they record in their own voice.

“App Guardians identified weaknesses in our funnel and made specific data-based recommendations. Most of all, they had a broad team of experts that have created results in a short time.”

Jenny Shalev
Founder & CTO – ThinkUp


Increase new user installs and subscription revenue


• Implemented paywall optimization techniques to increase user install to free trial to payment conversion

• Focused on ASO and ASO strategies with consistent monitoring and optimization


Together with optimized ASO and ASA strategies, paywall
optimization led to a 15% increase in MOM revenue

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