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Google UAC

Accelerate your ROI with an optimized Google Ads strategy

Experience the power of Google App Campaigns to advertise your brand across all of Google’s ad networks including Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and Display. Partner with our media specialists for a strategic approach, ensuring the highest conversion rates for your campaigns.

We cut through the noise with a tailored campaign set up, prioritizing your goals and ensuring scalability across languages and stores. We connect with your Mobile Measurement Partner or SDK and keep you in the loop with the right KPIs and straightforward reporting.

Our creative assets speak for themselves. Top-notch text, video, and images crafted by pros, optimized with machine learning for Google App Campaigns. We don’t settle – our dedicated creative optimization guarantees continuous improvement.

Our comprehensive management means business. With a team of dedicated experts, we monitor daily, target your audience, and optimize for the best ROI. We dive deep into data analysis and provide regular updates to keep your strategy on point.

Google Ads

Success Story

Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole is a Christmas app loved by families all around the world. The app provides magical personalized videos and live calls from Santa Claus.

“Thanks to AGN’s experience, knowledge, and dedication to our account, we had one of our best years ever.”

Bryan Blend
Marketing Director, Portable North Pole


Launch and scale high performing campaigns globally and acquire new users in 4 different languages in 20+ countries in a 3-month time period


Set up Google UAC campaigns with creative assets in 4 different languages. Optimized in tandem with Facebook Ads and ASA for maximum efficiency and impact.


• 6x ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) at the peak of the
• 220% increase in app downloads
• 100% budget scaling while maintaining 3x ROAS
• 1+ million new users globally in 3 months
• 2M+ impressions globally

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