How we Grow your Brand

User Generated Content & Video

Ignite your brand with the power of video

We know that when it comes to harnessing the power of user-generated content in your paid media advertising on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, you need a strategic approach for success. Our team of UA and creative specialists will craft a complete UGC content strategy that seamlessly resonates with and reaches your target audience.

But that’s not all. Our team manages the entire creative process, starting from selecting the perfect UGC platform and liaising with content creators, to conducting A/B tests and optimizing the creative rotation to ensure you receive the maximum ROI. Trust us to take care of everything, from beginning to end.

Video Ads

We’re here to make your brand shine. With our keen eye for aesthetics and deep understanding of your brand, our creative specialists will work with you to create memorable video ads that not only grab your audience’s attention, but also resonate with them on a deep level.

From storyboarding and scripting, to production and editing, we’ll take care of every step of the video ad creation process. Whether you need a short 15-second clip or a longer-form ad for Google, Meta, TikTok or any other ad network, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Our Video Process

Week 1

Ideation & Development

  • Identify your target audience
  • Selling Proposition Analysis
  • Ideas Brainstorming
  • Creative Brief Formulated

Week 1


  • Script Creation
  • Storyboard Creation

  • Music Selection

Week 3-4


  • 2D Animation / Motion Graphic
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration

Week 5-6


  • Add Music
  • Video Editing
  • Add Audio Effects
  • Add Voiceover
  • Client’s Feedback and Revisions

UGC & Video

Success Story

Franki UGC Strategy

Franki is video-powered experience app designed to help
when you need a recommendation about where to eat, drink, and play. The app helps customers, businesses, and creators thrive in an ecosystem driven by honest video recommendations.


  Build a solid digital strategy through search engines and paid social media

•  Focus on building awareness and reducing acquisition costs per user in California and
Texas markets


Implement a creative strategy based on user-
generated content to highlight the benefits of the app in a genuine and organic way

Optimize and measure the different results between platforms, creatives, and audiences with AppsFlyer


25% increase in CTI (click to install rate)

132% increase in IPM (impression to install rate)

60% decrease in CPI (cost per install rate)

40% decrease in signup CPA

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