How we Grow your Brand

Retention & CRM

Elevate user engagement, foster lasting relationships, and maximize the lifetime value of your mobile audience.

User retention is critical — it takes understanding from engaging with your users to create loyalty.

Conducting a thorough analysis of your brand’s user engagement and customer retention strategy and identifying areas of the brand user journey that need improvement, is the first step in how you work with us. During this audit, we find potential in how the brand can grow its revenue.

Leverage the Right Tools.

This includes performing app store keyword optimization and A/B testing, extracting insights from industry-leading app store optimization tools, and regular performance reports. We’ll give you detailed recommendations on how to get featured, localize, and other strategies to boost your app’s visibility.

Our Retention Improvement Process

The process is to identify, implement, A/B test, and iterate on the best cross-channel approach using push notifications, in-app messaging, email, and more to optimize your business goals.


Success Story

Keap Retention Strategy

Keap is a business line and CRM app designed with small businesses in mind. The app helps its users keep business calls and text messages separate from personal communication while giving users the power to view customer details, set tasks, and perform other CRM functions directly from their mobile device.


Increase app user retention with optimized CRM strategies


• Built cohorts in Amplitude to identify key metrics and make changes to achieve target goals

• Set up A/B tests and implented changes to optimize the onboarding process


•  Increased conversion rate 15.1% within the first month
• Decreased user churn from 30% to 25%

“AGN has had a significant impact on how we grow as
a company. They’ve become an instrumental part of
the Keap team and couldn’t be more grateful for their
work and efforts. We love AGN.”

Dan Navarro
Sr. Product Manager, Keap

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