How user-generated content for Facebook ads boost app growth

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Franki is a revolutionary mobile platform that enables creators (franki locals) to produce user-generated content quickly and easily. Viewers can then visit franki to get honest reviews made by locals for places to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves.

In this case study, we show you how taking a user-generated content strategy for franki’s Facebook advertising campaign was the right move for increasing brand awareness and app installs.

The Challenge

To grow franki in the market, the app marketing strategy was developed around these key objectives:

• Build a solid digital strategy through search engines and paid social media
• Focus on building awareness and reducing acquisition costs per user in California and Texas markets

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Our Approach

To achieve these goals, our app marketing specialist at App Growth Network worked with the franki client to develop an app marketing strategy that would take the following approach:

Implement a creative strategy based on user-generated content to highlight the benefits of the app in a genuine and organic way

Prioritize the most valuable events in the franki app and create a digital strategy centered around these

Optimize and measure the different results between platforms, creatives, and audiences with AppsFlyer

Consolidate the campaigns and techniques used with the previously tested ones that provided desired results

Creative examples of market-specific UGC:

California (LA) market

Texas Market


When AGN’s paid user acquisition tackled this approach, they tested different Facebook app event optimization (AEO) techniques that would achieve the best results. franki’s previous Facebook campaign was based on AEO install optimization.

The team decided to change the AEO to signup optimization combined with user-generated content. As it turns out, this proved to be the winning combination.

Just take a look at franki’s Facebook campaign data to see:

  • 25% increase in CTI (click to install rate)

  • 132% increase in IPM (impression to install rate)

  • 60% decrease in CPI (cost per install rate)

  • 40% decrease in signup CPA (cost per action rate)

Final Thoughts

When it comes to authenticity and customer buy-in, nothing is more effective than word of mouth. In today’s world, social media is our main word-of-mouth vehicle and, from a marketing standpoint, user-generated content is its most powerful fuel. With the right strategy and expert approach with analyzing, testing, and iterating, you too can leverage the power of UGC to meet your mobile app growth goals.

We know that incorporating UGC into your app marketing strategy needs to be done correctly with the proper expertise for it to work! Please contact us for a free consultation with an AGN paid UA specialist who would love to help you discover all of the ways you can benefit from this approach and get you started on the right path.

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