6 Tips on How To Create an Impactful App Preview Video – App Pre-launch Series Part 7

As our App Pre-Launch blog series continues, we’ll be talking about another important piece of the app metadata puzzle: the preview video.

After you’ve nailed down the app icon and app screenshots of your visual metadata, now you can add that special extra touch, i.e. your app preview video.

You may not need much convincing about the growth and importance of video in today’s mobile world. You may not be shocked by statistics like these, but they’re well worth noting and keeping in mind as you continue to improve your ASO efforts:



So, if you’re not using a preview video as part of your ASO plan, or if you are thinking about improving your current video, read further. 


Here are our top tips for creating an impactful app preview video:

Tip #1: Prioritize and focus on your strongest value propositions


We know you love your app, and you have 20 different things that you think people should know about it. But, the reality is, they don’t need to know every detail of your app – nor is it a good strategy – to get them to want it. Trying to communicate too much in just a few seconds will not only confuse the viewer, but will likely turn them off to your product completely.


The key to increasing app installs of users who watch your preview video is to make your most convincing message clear and simple at the very beginning. Just like when selecting the order of your screenshots, choose the top 3 to 5 features you have to offer. 

Remember, visitors are watching your video to get an idea of the experience they’ll have and what they’ll be getting out of it if they choose to install your app. Take this opportunity to showcase the benefits to the user and not overwhelm them with feature overload

Tip #2: Start your preview video with a bang


In other words, don’t save the best for last. You only have 4 to 6.5 seconds of a visitor’s attention, as this has been found to be the average video watch time among all app categories. If that isn’t pressure enough, videos typically have less than 20% completion rate, so you actually should be communicating your main value points in the first 3 seconds. Also, remember that videos autoplay on the App Store, so you want to grab someone’s interest quickly enough to get them to stop as they’re scrolling through!


This is where having already prioritized your features will come in handy – start with your strongest ones right out the gate and add in descending order of importance. Even though the iOS App Store allows up to 30 seconds of video – and Google Play recommends between 30 seconds to 2 minutes – create the video with the “first 3 seconds” rule in mind. Keep it short and concise!

Tip #3: Choose your feature graphic for Google Play wisely

The feature graphic is your most important visual for Google Play- it’s the static image that your video starts on and is the first impression a scrolling visitor will get of your app. And since 50% of installers make a decision based on your app store’s first impression, it’s worth giving it special attention. 


It’s a different story for the Apple Store now, since Apple started with autoplay of the preview video on iOS – making the poster frame less of a vital issue. But for Google Play, the feature graphic can be leveraged as an impactful first screenshot for “decisive users” – users who are less likely to play the video. For “exploring users,” this image is the key to enticing them to watch your video and convert into a download! 

Since this image is extracted directly from the video assets, make sure the one selected isn’t random that doesn’t communicate anything of value.


Tip #4: Consider text and music


Evaluate your video in two different ways: one with the sound on and the other muted. Music is a great way to enhance the feel of your app – to set the mood for the user experience. A meditation app preview video can benefit from having some relaxing, ambient background music. A game preview video that showcases the music style of the game instantly sets to tone for the nature of the game. 


To stay budget friendly, there are plenty of royalty-free music options out there you can use. You can find online sources, or if you’re working with an agency, they’ll likely have access to their preferred resources. If you decide to add music, just be sure it’s not so overpowering that it distracts from the visuals and the larger message.


Music is a great asset – when the user watches your video with the sound on. But consider that most people watch videos on their mobile device on mute – while waiting at the doctor’s office or while eating lunch at work. This is when text overlays are particularly effective. Even with the sound on, text emphasizes the main point you want to user to take away from the visuals. While your potential customer is watching your app in action, text guides and draws attention to the highlights of the journey.

Tip #5: Be mindful of app store guidelines

Because Google Play and iOS have different video formats, Android’s guidelines differ from those of Apple. In Google Play, preview videos require clicking on the “play” button which then directs you to YouTube for viewing. 


Since the App Store autoplays videos, they have many specific App Preview guidelines and technical considerations to keep in mind before you produce your video. Knowing all the parameters and video specs ahead of time will save you time – and money – by not having to go back to edit more than you need to. 

Tip #6: Call on a professional

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be a jack-of-all-trades – that includes expertise in video creation – we recommend having an experienced app video professional do it for you. Remember that videos can greatly increase your CVR if they are well made. The video is a reflection of your brand, so if the video quality is poor or unprofessional, you instantly lose value and credibility with your potential users.


Plus, a professional will have access to a wealth of resources – like the proper recording, design and editing tools, music libraries, etc. – to make the video production process easier and more efficient.


At the App Growth Network, protecting your brand reputation, and showcasing and optimizing the best of what your app has to offer is our top priority.  We only partner with the best in the business, so feel free to reach out to us if you need a hand! 


If you’d like a free one-stop resource to all of our mobile app launch tips right now, download our “How To Launch An App” e-book here!

Jennifer Sansone

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