Client Testimonials

The right team can make a difference

App guardians supported us through growth journey with defined market insights.

Ramit Ramit Arora, Product at Microsoft

AGN supported us with localized optimizations for country specific storefronts for our global mobile games. The team understood our challenges and provided us with customized and effective suggestions.

Prajna Dash, Product Marketing Zynga Farmville –Zynga – San Francisco, California

AGN was very helpful in uncovering new opportunities and areas to consolidate our spend from an ASO and ASA perspective, even in a challenging industry.

Joseph Frantel, Senior Growth Marketing Manager – Amwell – Boston, Massachusetts

Exhibiting ample control of their growth marketing expertise, App Guardians team delivered spot-on optimization solutions, rewarding the client with a 10% conversion boost and a higher install rate. The team further impressed their client with quick response rates and turnaround times.

Nico Johnson, Marketing Manager – 10% Happier – Boston, Massachusetts

App Guardians identified weaknesses in our funnel and made specific data-based recommendations. Most of all, they had a broad team of experts that have created results in a short time.

Jenny Shalev, Founder & CTO – ThinkUp – Sunnyvale, California

AGN gave us the right paid media structure to grow, decreasing our CPI by 73% and setting automation in some of our channels. Also, they excelled by working performance based and honor KPI goals on every stage

Adrien Wulf, Co-Founder – Heroes Jobs – San Francisco

Their recommendations, combined with our development team’s work and app improvements, drove a 20% increase in our installs…Installs increased markedly thanks to App Guardians’ many innovative ideas. Their use of project management software allowed for both transparency and awareness of next steps. Their accessibility was a highlight of the engagement.

Mélanie Macé, Head of UA – Ipnos Software (Developer of Better Sleep formerly Relax Melodies - Acquired- 50M + downloads) – Montreal, Canada

App Guardians campaigns are successful, helping increase app installs by 226%. Their detailed and methodical approach ensures effective project management. They’ve taken ownership of the project and are pleasant to work with — they act as if they’re part of the internal team.

Dan Navarro, Sr. Project Manager– Keap – Chandler, Arizona

Working with App Guardians was a great way for our team to get our feet wet with ASO. They were very communicative and responsive to our needs and questions.

Breanna Loury, Head of Marketing – Doist – Seattle, Washington

AGN was a growth partner in the truest sense. The team dug-in as a branch of our organization and went well beyond just pulling the levers, but engaged in regular data analysis. They took it upon themselves to find deficiencies in our metrics and pushed for app changes that they recognized would help us achieve our strategic goals. AGN assisted in ASO improvements, In-App optimizations and paid media.

Judah Manetta, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing – FOUNDRY IV – Las Vegas, Nevada

They over-delivered on just about everything in an effort to give us the best possible experience.

David Rogosky, CEO – CEO of Diamond App Group for Spartan Apps – Austin, Texas

They over-delivered on just about everything in an effort to give us the best possible experience.

David Rogosky, CEO – CEO of Diamond App Group for Spartan Apps – Austin, Texas

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