The App Growth Show: Season 2 Episode 1

Season 2 – Episode 1: How To Achieve Success As A Health & Fitness App in 2022

Hey, App Growth Community! Welcome back to the App Growth Show, where we host mobile experts to provide valuable and actionable insights on how you can grow your app. No matter where you are in your app growth journey, we are able to help you achieve your mobile growth goals.

As we premier our Season 2 first episode, we are so excited to be joined by a valued client of AGN, Jenny Shalev. Originally Jenny started her journey as a software engineer and as she travelled from Israel to Silicon Valley, she transitioned into the consumer app business and created a fabulous app called Think Up.

ThinkUp is an award-winning mental health app. If you are looking to build a positive mindset and motivation through self-talk and affirmations, ThinkUp is the leader in this space. ThinkUp is recommended by top personal development and Mental Health specialists. It offers a unique combination of simple and effective self-help techniques that can be personalized for any life goal, such as boosting self-confidence & motivation, reducing stress & anxiety, and much more.

Prepare to hear an intriguing perspective from someone who entered the app space with no huge ambitions or goals, but with a powerful and inspiring idea that has resulted in tremendous success in the health and fitness vertical.

Tune right into the episode to uncover how Think-up achieved success as A Health & Fitness App and how can your Health and Fitness app can do it too!.

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