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Apple Search Ads (ASA)

For elaborating personalized reports, and/or automating these reports we need the API certificate:

1. Sign in to Make sure to switch to Advanced view.

2. Locate the account ID and paste it under ORG_ID in the credentials form.

3. Go to settings, select the API tab.

4. Click ‘Create API Certificate’.

For the purposes of this promotion, we at AGN need ‘Account Read Only’. Give it a name and create the certificate, it will take a few minutes before showing up.

5. Download the certificate and upload each file (key and pem) separately to the credentials form.

2. In the role tab, once selected, click on the add a role where you will be able to add and select under Basic, Editor that will grant us this role.

3. The last step is enabling the Google Ads API. You simply search for “Google Ads API” in the search bar in the same Google Cloud Platform website.

From the search results select the first option and click on enable to be able to interact with the API for you.