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As an Apple featured “App for Busy Moms,” Baby Connect is the #1 all-inclusive baby tracker in app stores.The app’s key features include graphical reports and trending charts to track baby’s feeding, sleep, mood, activities, photos, and more. It’s the only app that allows the exchange of real-time information between a parent, their spouse, babysitter, nanny or daycare.

The Challenge

One of Baby Connect’s objectives was to further boost conversion rate performance in the app stores through advanced ASO techniques.

As part of the upgraded ASO strategy, our AGN creative team developed app preview videos for Android and iOS. We ran A/B tests to see how the introduction of a video would affect performance in the app stores.

What we achieved

For the iOS App Store: a 32% increase in the browse daily average conversion rate
For the Android Google Play Store: an 18% increase in retained first-time installs

Ready to achieve next-level growth?

How we did it

1. Conducted thorough market research + competitive research

The primary objective in conducting research was to see how competitors presented similar features in preview videos. We paid close attention to the order in which features were presented and consulted user reviews to see which features were favored by users and why.

2. Identified the most important features to highlight in the app preview videos

After presenting our research, collaborating closely with the client was key to delivering the best results. We know that average video watch time is between 4 and 6 seconds, so identifying the most important features at the beginning was critical.

Through our close agency/client collaboration, we agreed to highlight these features:

The ability for several users/caregivers to use the app with information automatically synchronized on each account

Graphs & statistics to view the trends, development progress, and to identify patterns and issues

The ability to customize the application (home page & colors) to fit the needs of each user

3. Created a detailed creative brief

Just like with all creative development projects we tackle, developing a detailed creative brief is an important first step before moving into production. With the brief, we aligned with the client on the approved look and feel of the videos, the title treatments and any musical preferences.

4. Developed storyboards

Storyboards are key — they provide the guidance of what to expect to better understand the roadmap of the video. With the Baby Connect storyboards, we outlined what would take place in each video shot-by-shot/frame- by-frame to give the client greater insight of how the video would look and feel, and to help validate the concept.

Preview video storyboard:

5. Produced one preview video each for iOS and Google Play

After lining up all of the pre-approved elements that we needed to create the video — in-app footage, screen recordings and app screenshots of the selected features, background music, and all of the brand’s creative assets such as logos, colors — we were able to begin the video editing process. The final result from production was one iOS preview video and one GP preview video customized to meet the specs of each platform.


After conducting A/B tests, we saw a 18% increase in retained first-time installs in the Google Play Store. For the iOS App Store, after the app preview video was introduced, the browse daily average conversion rate increased by 32%.

Final Thoughts

In order to stay ahead, all mobile apps must have continuous ASO techniques as part of their overall app marketing strategy. Iterations and upgraded metadata — like an app preview video — can greatly benefit an app’s performance if implemented and tested correctly.

That’s why it’s helpful to have app marketing experts consulting you every step of the way. If you’re ready to take your mobile app to the next level, please contact us for a free consultation with an ASO specialist.

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