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There are over 2.5 millions apps available on Android’s Google Play Store. If your app is one of them then you know how crucial your app’s metadata is for your App Store Optimization and for your app’s discoverability in app stores. 


Your app’s metadata—aka all of the elements that appear in your App Store listing—are meant to not only attract attention from quality users but also to give them an accurate representation of what their in-app or in-game user experience will be once/if they decide to move forward with the download.

Google has announced a pre-announcement of metadata policy changes that WILL affect your app’s listing if they don’t meet the new criteria.


New Guidelines for App Title, Icon & Developer Name


Google considers your app title, icon and developer name as the most important discovery parts of your listing. In an effort to “keep these elements recognizable and unique,” the new set of policies include the following:


1. App title length is now limited to 30 characters (previously 50 characters)

2. Keywords that imply app store performance, rank, price or promotion in the title, icon and/or developer name are no longer allowed

3. Graphic elements in the app icon that may mislead users must be eliminated

4. The use of emojis, all caps and irrelevant special character sequences is prohibited

New Guidelines for Preview Assets


App store listing preview assets include:

  • feature graphics
  • screenshots
  • videos
  • short descriptions 


Assets will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


  1. Do the preview assets accurately represent the app or game?
  2. Do all preview assets provide adequate information that help users make an informed decision whether to install?
  3. Do the preview assets focus on providing useful information about the app’s or game’s unique aspects and are free of buzzwords like “best” and “free”?
  4. Are the store listing preview assets properly localized and easy to read?

What does this mean for your app?


The reality is that you need to start preparing now. Google says they will start implementing these updated guidelines beginning in the second half of 2021, which is right around the corner. You want to have time to change your metadata as needed and test which iterations will perform better for your app’s Google Play Store success.

Please note: app metadata (title, icon and developer name) that does not meet the new policies will not be allowed on Google Play, just as assets that don’t meet the upcoming guidelines may be also ineligible for recommendation and promotion on Google Play.

If you need some support on how to strategize for this change and secure your Google Play ASO, please don’t hesitate to contact us and have our experts help you find the right solution.

Your ASO depends on it!


Jennifer Sansone

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