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At this year’s Google I/O, numerous updates and improvements have been announced for the popular cloud-service and backend development platform, Firebase. From the introduction of the Firebase Extension Events to Crashlytics to App Check, and Firebase Performance Monitoring, we have picked out what is noteworthy for you.

1) Firebase Extension

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Source : Google Firebase

Firebase Extensions are prepackaged bundles of code created to speed up the process of app development. These extensions also work to help improve integration with third-party services and stay up to date without additional work. As the big new feature, Extension Events enable you to extend an Extension’s functionality by hooking into its runtime. This way the extension becomes a baseline for your integration, however, you are still able to build on top of it to make it unique and exclusive.

2) Firebase Crashlytics

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Source : Google Firebase

With three big updates to improve Crashlytics support for Flutter Apps, the user no longer needs to open any platform-specific integrated development environment (IDE). All they need to do to set up Crashlytics in the Flutter App is add the Crashlytics plugin and initialize it in the Dart code. Crashlytics will then immediately start capturing and reporting your crashes. This new update has drastically reduced the number of steps necessary to set up Crashlytics in a Flutter App.

3) Firebase + Swift

For Apple developers who love using the Swift language, there is also great news. Firebase is now getting an update to “fully embrace” the modern Swift language, enabling the user to take full advantage of some of the powerful features like Codable that were previously unavailable.

4) App Check

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Source : Google Firebase

App Check helps protect the user’s API’s by attesting that incoming traffic is coming from the user’s app on a legitimate device during the process of app development. The enhanced level of security is now being made integratable with Play Integrity API, the latest and most advanced app attestation for Android Devices. More importantly, App Check was also just passed from its Beta stage, becoming generally available.

5) Firebase Performance Monitoring

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Source : Google Firebase

In order to stay on top of KPIs and identify issues and areas for improvement from the user’s point of view, Firebase Performance Monitoring is offering this service to help collect and organize app performance metrics.

The graduation from Beta to general availability of Firebase Performance Monitoring Alerts now offers developers the benefits for a variety of products and services that help them effectively manage performance issues and release their apps with peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

This year’s Google I/O truly packed some real gems for Firebase users, making the development of new apps easier than ever. This opens a new world of possibilities for new apps, and it will be exciting to see how this will affect the market in the future.

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