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App Store Optimization determines your app’s visibility in the app stores, making it a key factor for organic growth and app success. Apple continues to claim that 65% of downloads happen directly after an App Store search, so it’s clear how optimizing how you rank in app store search is definitely worthwhile.

We’re frequently asked about the best ASO tools and which ones we like the most. There are a lot of great tools out there, and they all have some similarities along with their own differentiating selling points. 

Here we’ll reveal our top 3 picks for the best ASO tools and an evaluation of each:





1) AppTweak


AppTweak is at the top of our list because of its innovative user interface. By simply inputting your app, you receive an instant summary of your content with a list of all the improvements you need to make to increase your ASO score. The summary report is very useful for ASO beginners because it’s a simple way to learn and get a detailed explanation of the necessary improvements.


Not All ASO tools have a backlinks checker, which is a ranking factor for Google Play. ASO experts typically have to go offline and crawl the page with Ahrefs, Moz or Majestic. AppTweak boasts a Moz integration and automatically shows the total number of backlinks and the top 10 inbound links. This feature provides flagship benchmarks to determine if the app is new, and whether or not it has established authority across the web.


AppTweak was the first to develop a powerful metric to help users understand how many downloads a specific keyword drives to their app. The ‘installs’ metric is displayed in the keyword table and estimates how many downloads each keyword has brought to the app in the last 30 days. 

The robust ad intelligence feature uncovers insights about Apple Search Ads, Google Ads and competitor’s social media advertising strategies. You can find out how well protected you are on your top organic keywords, see which keywords competitors are bidding on, or find out on which keywords Google is placing your ads.

With the social media ad gallery, you can scroll through competitor’s ads to find ideas for your own advertising strategy.


2) Mobile Action 


Mobile Action has been among our longtime favorites because of its intuitive user flow and advanced features. 


Mobile Action has added an Apple Search Ads automation tool,, that we love. It merges your Apple Search Ads and Attribution data with advanced keyword optimization tools that let you manage your campaign optimization process in one, streamlined platform.


Another one of Mobile Action’s standout features is the Keyword Tracking tool which not only lets you track keywords but also to spy on your competitors and determine your ranking performance. You can easily find potential keywords and analyze your ranking history for all of your app’s tracked keywords.

One of their newest features is Category Keywords. This feature takes keyword discovery to the next level by letting you see the most popular keywords for a specific category and learn what additional keywords you should be targeting to get a higher ranking. 

In addition to their rich ASO keywords arsenal (Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Research, Keyword Explorer, Keyword Trends, Keyword Intelligence, Keyword Spy), they also have an Apple Search Ads tool that lets you monitor campaigns and sends you alerts if your campaign exceeds defined KPIs, bids, etc. 

With the Search Ads Intelligence tool you can also the paid keywords your competitors are bidding on and track those keywords for your own app’s organic growth. Search Ads visibility scores let you discover the most successful apps in ASA and learn about all the top advertisers in the storefronts.


3) Sensor Tower


One of the most well-known ASO platforms is Sensor Tower. This product is an ASO tool plus an App Store intelligence and Search Ads intelligence tool that competes with industry leaders like App Annie. Our favorite part about Sensor Tower is that with a few clicks, you can see exactly where you and your competitors stand.


By inputting an app name – let’s use “workout” as an example, you instantly see the following:

This screenshot tells us that the Home Workout app is performing well in the App Store. The next screen gives you an instant score between A+ and F- based on the last month’s revenue estimates and the app’s popular keywords.

We also like Sensor Tower’s quick search capabilities and the UX of their dashboard. All the pertinent information is easy to find and the app overview page analyzes those things you need to know the most about your app’s performance. Another commonly used feature is their ‘translate’ function, which simplifies multi-language publishing by translating all your keywords into 20+ languages with just one click:


Summary of the Best ASO Tools for 2020


ASO tools are constantly updating, adding new features and integrating new tools that help make your ASO efforts easier and more successful. While there are many similarities between these tools, there are always some features that are unique to a particular ASO tool and are worth considering.


Based on our experience, our top picks for the best ASO tools for 2020 are as follows:

  • Mobile Action
  • AppTweak
  • Sensor Tower


As we previously mentioned, this by far not an exhaustive list of all the ASO tools available to you. Be sure to research the features that best fit your needs and that of your app when you’re choosing the best app tool for you. If you need expert assistance in any of your ASO needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you!

Jennifer Sansone

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